ProLine Fleet Management

A program that empowers fleet managers through a comprehensive system of record, including detailed flight data logging, hardware, and personnel management, and robust compliance reporting.

Drone Fleet Management. Simplified.

UVT ProLine Fleet was designed from the ground up to save you time and money. By leveraging our in-house fleet management specialists along with Airdata Enterprise, a robust flight data logging, and hardware management application, ProLine Fleet allows your drone program to run on autopilot.

Designed by Fleet Managers

Since 2014, UVT has been assisting customers with managing their fleets from their first aircraft to hundreds of aircraft worldwide. Leveraging this experience has allowed us to build a program that works. How do we know? Because we use it.

Fleet Management Specialists

UVT ProLine Fleet isn't just another app. It's a comprehensive record system backed by Airdata Enterprise and our in-house fleet management specialists who proactively and autonomously review all in-flight warnings and maintenance alerts.

Scalability Comes Standard

Working with thousands of customers across all industries worldwide has taught us that no one drone program is the same and that what works best for you may not work for others. ProLine Fleet will naturally scale with you as your fleet grows.

Built-In Regulatory Compliance

Robust flight data reporting provides fleet managers with a built-in reporting tool to ensure you remain in compliance with both internal SOPs and any FAA authorizations, waivers, or other guidance.

Customized Alert System

Our manufacturer-certified technicians leverage both industry standards and manufacturer recommendations to customize your alert system, ensuring you're only notified of what matters.

Secure Online Portal

Our secure online portal puts all of your data at your fingertips, including all flight records, hardware, personnel, and an available live streaming console for viewing the stream of any connected drone.

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