Parrot ANAFI Propellers
19.90 19.90 19.900000000000002 USD
These are a direct factory replacement of the Parrot ANAFI propellers. These come packaged with eight individual blades, each motor requiring two blades. These propellers are compatible with the ANAFI aircraft only. They are not compatible with the ANAFI USA.
Parrot ANAFI Smart Battery
99.00 99.00 99.0 USD
This is the battery needed to power your ANAFI, ANAFI Work, or ANAFI Thermal. This is a 2-cell (2S) LiPo battery with a maximum capacity of 2700 mAh and it provides up to 25 minutes of flight time. This battery is not compatible with the Parrot ANAFI USA.
Parrot ANAFI Thermal
1,900.00 1,900.00 1900.0 USD
The ANAFI Thermal is a small, portable, cost-effective thermal drone from Parrot Business Solutions. The ANAFI Thermal has a dual camera setup with a high-resolution 21 MP zoomable visual camera paired with a FLIR Lepton 3.5 radiometric thermal core which can capture thermal images at a resolution of 160x120. The ANAFI Thermal uses the ANAFI Smart Battery and ANAFI Propellers and is capable of flying for up to 26 minutes. The ANAFI Thermal comes in a ready-to-fly kit only requiring a mobile device of your choice to get airborne.