DJI Care Refresh 1-Year Plan for Mini 2
49.00 49.00 49.0 USD
DJI Care Refresh for the Mini 2 is a 12-month protection plan providing you with two new or like-new replacement units at a highly discounted cost within the year. The cost for the first replacement is $49 and the charge for the second replacement is $69.
DJI Care Refresh 2-Year Plan for Mini 2
79.00 79.00 79.0 USD
DJI Care Refresh provides you with peace of mind, covering physical damage to your Mini 2. DJI's 2-Year Care Refresh Plans are valid for 24 months and offer up to three full replacements if accidental damage occurs to your airframe, gimbal, propellers, and battery during normal use. A small fee will be assessed for each replacement. This includes damage via water, user error, collision, drops, and signal interference. Each time you request a replacement, you'll receive a drone that is new or equivalent-to-new in performance and reliability. DJI's 2-Year Care Refresh Plan also extends the factory warranty up to two years from the date of purchase.