Go Professional Cases DJI Mavic Pro Plus Case

Go Professional Cases DJI Mavic Pro Plus Case

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We know many of you need to be as compact as possible with your Mavic, but then there are those of you that have big projects where you need a lot of flight time. Never fear! We have come to the rescue with our Mavic Pro Plus Case into which we have packed six spare batteries to keep you going all day. This compact case also accommodates the charger, charging hub, and an iPad Mini or cell phone. Your Mavic and accessories will stay dry in this great case, but you won’t run dry on power!

The GPC DJI Mavic Pro Plus Case fits:

  • (1) DJI Mavic Pro
  • (1) Remote Controller
  • (1) Monitor (Apple iPad Mini 2/3/4 or Cell Phone)
  • (6) Batteries
  • (1) Charger
  • (1) Charging Hub
  • (1) Charging Adapter
  • (2) Spare Propellers
  • Miscellaneous Accessories