Acecore Zoe

A surprisingly portable, Pixhawk Cube-based quadcopter drone with a maximum payload capacity of 14 pounds and flight times of up to 40 minutes.

Portable versatility. Effortless agility.

Dutch-made and engineered to outperform anything else in its class, the Zoe from Acecore Technologies is one of the most agile, and powerful quadcopter drones on the market.

Robust Flight Stack

American-made flight controllers and redundant control systems meet the needs of even the most strict users.

Unmatched Performance

Extremely aerodynamic and powerful, the Zoe can fly faster, fly farther, and carry a heavier payload than most other drones.

Masterful Craftsmanship

Every Zoe is hand-built by Acecore Technologies in The Netherlands to ensure its superior quality and workmanship.

A True Industrial Aircraft

Built and engineered for enterprise users, the Acecore Zoe redefines what it means to be an industrial drone through its quality components, and rigiorous testing.

Aerodynamic Design

Zoe’s aerodynamic dutch-design carbon fiber frame puts it in a class of its own. The way it doesn’t hang but rather stand in the air makes it highly weather resistant. The hollow arms generate an active airflow through the entire system and pull hot air out of the motor mounts, away from the critical components.

Acecore Zoe quadcopter flying in rain carrying a Gremsy gimbal with its retractable landing gear raised
Acecore Zoe quadcopter drone sitting on tailgate with loudspeakers and RGB security camera attached

Custom Integrations

While Zoe boasts one of the widest ranges of compatible payloads, it's also able to integrate with nearly any payload or sensor imaginable. Its customizability is what separates Zoe and Acecore from the rest. We'll work with you to develop a custom system that exceeds your needs and answers the call.

  • Loudspeakers

  • High-resolution thermal cameras

  • Multispectral sensors

  • LiDAR

  • Magnetometers

Endless Adaptability

From custom colors to various controller and ground station configurations to high-precision RTK and charging stations, the Zoe can adapt to any mission's needs.

Controller Options

Power and capability in the air demands power and capability on the ground, and with Acecore's handheld and ground control systems, there's no shortage of either.

Herelink George Remote

Maximum integration and portability with extended range, the Herelink George Remote comes with everything you need to command, control, and plan your missions.

Herelink Ground Station Pro

Acecore's GS Pro with dual Herelink remote controllers provides you with a highly capable ground station for flying, planning, and monitoring your missions.

FrSky George Remote

For those who prefer a more standard remote control option, Acecore's FrSky-based George Remote provides just that, along with a large, Full HD HDMI monitor.

Ready to build your Zoe? Let's get started.